Torreilles and its area

An ideal holiday destination for exploring the Catalan coast, the village of Torreilles welcomes visitors all year round, just a few minutes from its wild beach. The Perpignan region is full of treasures for you to discover during your stay.

Torreilles village

Certainly one of the most beautiful villages on the coast, Torreilles lives to the rhythm of its festivities all year round. Most of them take place in the centre of the village, just a few minutes' walk from the Wine and Kite House.


To make your stay as enjoyable as possible, the village offers a wide range of restaurants, from fast food to gourmet dining.


Every year at the end of March, the Torreilles beach clubs gather in the village square, transformed into a beach for the occasion, to get the season off to a great start! The Christmas market also attracts large numbers of visitors for 15 days of festivities in the heart of the village.


Every year, the village welcomes artists from all over the world to its "Jazz à Juhègues", "Tous Yeux Tout Torreilles" and "Estiu Musical" festivals.

Hiking and other activities

In the immediate vicinity of the village, there are plenty of opportunities to get out into nature, on foot, by bike, on a donkey or in a canoe! And plenty of fun activities for young and old alike...

Torreilles beach

The beach at Torreilles can be reached from the Wine and Kite house in 5 minutes by car, 15 minutes by bike or 1 hour by canoe !
It's 4 kilometres long and bordered by dunes, giving it a wild feel that's unique from other beaches along the coast. The views are magnificent, with the immensity of the deep blue sea, the cliffs of the Spanish border and the snow-capped peaks of Mont Canigou... The many beach restaurants welcome you from May to September, in a chic and relaxed setting, with high-quality menus.

Torreilles area

The Occitan coast is full of treasures. Here are just a few of the jewels waiting to be discovered during your stay.


The pearl of the Catalan coast, not to be missed during a stay in the region, even if you won't be alone in summer...
A 35-minute drive or much more, but by boat, from Barcarès or Saint Cyprien...


You'll need an hour and a half to reach the port of Cadaquès in Spain, but Salvador Dali's village is well worth the trip. You can also discover the treasures of the Costa Brava by boat from Barcarès, Saint Cyprien or Argelès.


Castelnou, Evol, Villefranche-de-Conglent, Eus and many more of France's most beautiful villages are less than an hour's drive away, and will all lead you to the Canigou, the sacred mountain of the Catalans.


The coastline of the Pyrénées Orientales boasts 37 kilometres of beaches, from large sandy beaches to small pebbly coves. There's plenty of variety for a seaside holiday, and plenty of water-based activities to enjoy.